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We provide everyday life support to employers and their employees after discovering their workplace wellbeing needs; brokering confidential advice and support for four pillars of wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Personal and Professional.

What Makes Us Different…

For us to achieve this Red Dot 365 combines over 50 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, combining the commercial world of outsourcing and supply chain management with the latest digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems.

We obsessively focus on our core values: confidentiality, curiosity, integrity, and the very highest standards of service quality in all our business relationships.

Our Ethos

  • We build evaluation into our partnership with employers.
  • We use data intelligently to engage with - and enable - organisations to create a culture where people have a voice, feel valued, supported and able to thrive both physically and mentally – becoming healthier and happier all-round.
  • We assist employers to embed wellbeing into their business strategy – as a mainstream activity – not as an ‘add-on’ or ‘nice-to-have’ one-off exercise at risk of being shelved or side-lined.
  • We host online – making it easy and effective to collect and collate anonymised data sourced from our Discovery Survey.
  • We provide hard data as evidence in providing a graphic case for sustaining solutions sourced from our Discovery Dashboard.
  • We do not work on a "one size fits all" basis – each/every workplace is unique – that’s why we take a local "house view" – and are a relationship business – none of our clients’ needs are identical – we always provide empirical insight and do this via our Discovery Dialogue.
  • We do not view our work as a “tick-box” exercise or follow trends – it’s imperative for us to create a culture where employees are happy and healthy.
  • We do not expect to be an expert in all aspects of workplace wellbeing – and consequently call on the professional expertise of our experienced Wellbeing Gurus.

Our Purpose is to Impact on Societal Change.

Our Vision to be the Central Point of Intelligence for Wellbeing.

Our Mission is to Improve People’s Wellbeing.

Discovery Survey and Dashboard

Data and evidence to create a wellbeing culture 

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