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Red Dot 365 was created to become the peoples voice of wellbeing.

To broker wellbeing solutions between people and wellbeing providers, specific to their needs at the point of time they are most motivated to engage.

We do this by first understanding demand, people’s goals, ambitions, interests, motivations, barriers and concerns around four areas of wellbeing:

Physical – Mental – Personal – Professional.

With people at the core of our values, we offer our services to like-minded organisations that are also looking to improve the wellbeing of their people, improve productivity, recruit and retain talented individuals, enhance their culture around mental health and wellbeing and impact upon organisational issues such as sickness, absenteeism and presenteeism. 

What Makes Us Different…

We are not a wellbeing provider. You won’t be getting our subjective opinion, selling what we believe you or your people need to improve mental health & wellbeing. We simply allow you to make data driven decisions to ensure you get maximum return for your investment.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence algorisms, we can cater for both small and large populations, becoming a central point of intelligence for wellbeing. Driving data driven solutions that improves wellbeing for individuals and cultures for organisations alike. It ensures we can identify priority areas of concern, forecast demand for local wellbeing services and predict the future state of wellbeing of an individual, organisation or society level.

For us to achieve this Red Dot 365 combines over 50 years of experience in the wellbeing industry, the commercial world of outsourcing and supply chain management with the latest digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems.

Our Background

The Red Dot Team have extensive experience in multiple wellbeing industries along with the competitive commercial world of outsourcing, supply chain management and consulting on large, complex, high value government contracts. That work included the first outsourced contract by a Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Social Services to look at a strategic partnership approach to address Mental Health in a geographical region, Housing Support, and Home Care. A preventative approach to mental health and well-being sets out to build resilience through professional service integration and by supporting people to navigate their way through a complex mix of services and organisations to deliver the best outcome for people.

We combine this with an expert team of Doctors in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Positive Psychology, along with a trained team of practitioner’s in Social Science and Social Care, Wellbeing Therapy, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They apply these invaluable problem-solving techniques to real world problems, delivering software solutions, insights and visualisations, helping organisations understand their people and deliver real change via data driven solutions.

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