Your Central Point of Intelligence for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Reduce your costs associated to mental ill health and consolidate your wellbeing management to us today. Red Dot 365 provides a market leading digital mental health & wellbeing service with the experts & personalities to back it up.

Business Customers

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Red Dot 365 is a sector leading platform that gives your organisation Insights into your people's perceived mental health & wellbeing.

With interactive dashboards that measures individual impact & organisation ROI, trend analysis, key findings, recommendations, and outcomes.

We work with you to improve wellbeing culture by making evidence driven decisions on what Solutions will best fit your staff.

Cover 365 offers peace of mind for you and your staff, with access to confidential mental health & wellbeing therapists when they need it the most, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Or capture it all & Outsource the Mental Health & Wellbeing of your staff to one of our outstanding experts. They can work with you as your organisations Client Solution Manager to offer tailored and measured Mental Health & Wellbeing Solutions.

Whatever your organisations mental health & wellbeing requirements are, we create long term partnerships that learn about you and your people’s unique requirements.


The Problem.

  • 60% of UK employees experience mental health issues
  • £45bn in poor mental health costs to UK employers
  • Interventions are REACTIVE, at the point of crisis. This is often too late.

Red Dot 365's Scalable Solutions

  • DATA: Informs & Designs Policy & Services.
  • INSIGHTS: Proactive, evidence driven solutions based on your people’s perception of their own wellbeing.
  • EXPERTS: Extensive Partnerships with Wellbeing Experts. Choose your own Client Solution Manager that coordinates tailored and measurable mental health & wellbeing solutions.


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From simply providing solutions to outsourcing your mental health & wellbeing: Red Dot 365 offer Scalable, Tailored & Measurable interventions that meet your organisations vision and your peoples need.

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Our unique digital platform Insights allows you and your people to make evidence driven decisions, making your staff part of the solution, giving them a voice!

Tailored and measured solutions based on your peoples perceived wellbeing to help improve performance & culture.

Quite simply, if we know what the issues are, we are far better placed to implement interventions that address existing problems to prevent those problems manifesting.


Tailored and Measure Mental Health & Wellbeing Solutions.

Choose from our extensive team of Mental Health & Wellbeing Experts.

Create bespoke solutions by leveraging our sector leading technology Insight.

Quite simply, if we know what the issues are, we are far better placed to implement Solutions that address existing problems to prevent those problems manifesting.

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Cover 365

Access to a confidential mental health & wellbeing therapist or expert when they need it the most, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Anonymous access via your private portal using an independent organisation.

A triage service to identify the correct non clinical or clinical expert bespoke to your needs.

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If you are looking to improve your culture around mental health & wellbeing Red Dot 365 can offer service improvements leading to cost savings and ROI. Select from our expert team to work with your organisation as your Client Solution Manager (CSM).

Their aim is to uncover the factors that contribute to low engagement, presenteeism, absenteeism, and workplace stress. From there, our bespoke interventions, tailored to your people will be targeted to address the underlying causes.


Owner and Director of RedDot365

John Williams

“A cloud-based digital platform that takes a preventive approach to your peoples mental health & wellbeing. Its an independent, intelligent way of driving trust and honouring true confidentiality using evidence driven solutions that gives our customers tailored & measured outcomes.”

Business Portal Key Benefits

Business Portals are individually deployed to meet the exact needs of every organisation, your user login details define the level of what you can see and do. If required, Red Dot 365 can help you manage your mental health & wellbeing via our sector leading business portal that makes a real difference.

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A preventative approach to mental health & wellbeing.

Our independence guarantees impartiality, confidentiality, and anonymity.  It allows us to build trust and work with your people before its too late.

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24/7 access to Mental Health & Wellbeing experts/therapists for your people.

With over 6 months wait for talking therapies via NHS, Red Dot 365 therapists engage with your people at your point of need and offer up to 6 sessions with an expert that fits their assessed needs.

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Recommendations & Outcomes.

A confidential and anonymous High-level Report outlining the outcomes and recommendations of your staff engaging with Red Dot 365 via the Red Dot. Giving you the confidence that its being catered for and allowing you to make changes to wellbeing culture if needed.

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Providing full access to your mental health & wellbeing data

Our unique digital platform Insights allows you to make evidence driven decisions, making your staff part of the Solution, giving them a voice!

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Instant Access to your organisation’s wellbeing status.

A wellbeing dashboard of your organisation wellbeing score, interaction summary dashboard identifying key areas, recommendations and outcomes. 

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Ensuring your people have access to experts that work for their needs

Anonymous and aggregated Insights on your peoples perceived mental health & wellbeing.

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Access to your Client Solution Manager

Results of the quarterly reviews and wellbeing group direction. What low or no cost interventions are being recommended through to the quarterly Solutions planned.

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Total Control of your Mental Health & Wellbeing spend

No hidden costs. A fixed rate ensuring all the solutions for your people’s mental health and wellbeing is covered

It’s very simple to use, you will be allocated an account manager, or you can choose from our Client Solution Managers to help improve your wellbeing culture.

If you feel your organisation would benefit from a Client Solution Manager, please do not hesitate to contact the Red Dot 365 Business Support Team, or simply request a quote and demonstration below:

01685 580 365