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Peace of mind for you and your people

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Red Dot 365 work with you to help ensure you and your peoples Mental Health & Wellbeing is covered 24/7.  Peace of mind for you and your people, Red Dot 365 independently, confidentially & digitally, engages your staff with Mental Health therapists & experts at the time they need them the most. 365 days a year.

Offering up to 6 sessions with a Mental Health Therapist or Expert bespoke to your concerns.

Along with a confidential and anonymous High-Level Report outlining the outcomes and recommendations of your staff engaging with Red Dot 365 via the Red Dot.

Our friendly wellbeing therapist will contact them at their point of need and take a triage approach to make an initially assessment of their needs. Making an agreed plan of action that could include local, low or no cost provision, to existing services or continued sessions with an appropriate wellbeing expert or clinical specialist if needed.

Red Dot 365's takes a flexible approach to compliment your organisations existing provision. Cover 365 can be used as an optional component so that our other services such as Insights, Solutions & Outsource can fit around any existing EAP's (Employee Assistance Programmes) you may already have in place.

Red Dot 365 Key Benefits:

A fully integrated digital platform driven by leading experts that makes a real difference.

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A preventative approach to mental health & wellbeing.

Our independence guarantees impartiality, confidentiality, and anonymity.  It allows us to build trust and work with your people before its too late.

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24/7 access to Mental Health & Wellbeing experts/therapists for your people.

With over 6 months wait for talking therapies via NHS, Red Dot 365 therapists engage with your people at your point of need and offer up to 6 sessions with an expert that fits their assessed needs.

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Recommendations & Outcomes.

A confidential and anonymous High-level Report outlining the outcomes and recommendations of your staff engaging with Red Dot 365 via the Red Dot. Giving you the confidence that its being catered for and allowing you to make changes to wellbeing culture if needed.

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Providing full access to your mental health & wellbeing data

Our unique digital platform Insight allows you to make evidence driven decisions, making your staff part of the Solution, giving them a voice!

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Instant Access to your organisation’s wellbeing status.

A wellbeing dashboard of your organisation wellbeing score, interaction summary dashboard identifying key areas, recommendations and outcomes. 

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Ensuring your people have access to experts that work for their needs

Anonymous and aggregated Insights on your peoples perceived mental health & wellbeing.

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Access to your Client Solution Manager

Results of the quarterly reviews and wellbeing group direction. What low or no cost interventions are being recommended through to the quarterly Solutions planned.

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Total Control of your Mental Health & Wellbeing spend

No hidden costs. A fixed rate ensuring all the solutions for your people’s mental health and wellbeing is covered

Take total control of your mental health and welbeing spend.

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RedDot365 can implement a range of solutions and services for your organisation, combined with the our dashboard and portals you can always monitor your organisations wellbeing.


Public Sector

Service Manager

“Working with Red Dot 365 has given us a real insight into the staffs wellbeing and mental health. It has been a real game changer in how we look after our staff's mental health & wellbeing, making them part of the solution, changing our cultural approach to wellbeing. With their CSM’s sitting in on our wellbeing working group discussing the data from Insights we have built into our ethos several low or no cost activities and small changes as well as fantastic quarterly seminars which are making a significant impact.”

Holistic Housing Solutions


Owner & Director

“By working with Red Dot 365 we have been able to support our people with their mental health and wellbeing. This stigma attached to mental health and wellbeing, coupled with the macho nature of construction, has meant that we have had to work with the employees to break down the barriers and raise awareness amongst employees that it is OK not to be OK, and ask for help.”

Idris Davies School logo


Pastoral Care Lead of a 3 to 18 School

"Idris Davies 3-18 School has undergone a cultural shift, placing the mental health & wellbeing of staff and learners as their highest priority. Pastoral care and wellbeing leaders created a preventative model of support and wellbeing solutions that is built on insights: their perceived wellbeing around their goals, interests, motivations, concerns, and barriers.


This model of confidential 1 to 1 & anonymous aggregated population data, combined with staff and learners providing context to the insights drove tailored and measured mental health & wellbeing interventions. It promotes the staff & learner’s ownership over improving their own wellbeing. An annual action plan with termly interventions helping them feel supported."

Aneurin Beavan University Health Board, NHS wales

Public Sector

Dr David Llewellyn

“Red Dot 365 have provided us with the platform to capture what people want in communities. We are now able to look at data and insights based on the perception of people’s mental health and wellbeing, what their goals are, what services or solutions do they believe will work for them, what their barriers are, and how we can measure impact (tracking the difference it has had on people’s lives)”.

Elite SE Logo


HR Manager

“We see our people as the path to strong sustainable growth, looking after our employees is a key part of our people strategy. Working with Red Dot 365 has allowed us to take an in depth look at how we approach mental health and wellbeing. We have moved from a tick box exercise, to getting information and data on demand, that has allowed us to support people and make them part of the solution by acting on what the employees are looking for.”


Public Sector

Head of Engagement, Well-being and Inclusion, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

“One of the best development days I have been to! Danny offered a mixture of theory and interactive activities that kept us all engaged. We now have a wealth of resilience tools and a structure to manage pressure and deliver resilience sessions across our organisation in a more effective and responsive way. Thanks Danny.”