Danny Simmonds

Resilience, Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach

Client Solution Manager

"I am one of the UK’s leading experts in resilience with 22 years’ experience helping people perform at their best during challenging times. I founded Silver Lining Training in 2000 training thousands of individuals and teams, in the UK and internationally. As well as specialising in resilience, I am skilled in the fields of neuroscience, psychological health, behavioural science and the menopause.

Before Silver Lining Training I worked as a director, writer and performer in the field of health education. I’m committed to empowering people to find innovative ways of increasing their resilience, wellbeing and performance. My approach is engaging and creative and I’m often sought out for my insight and sensitivity in working across cultures. I have a proven track record of enabling people to shift and transform their mind-sets, in the most challenging environments.

The NHS are my passion and one of my longest-standing clients. It’s an honour to support those who work tirelessly supporting others. One of the most rewarding parts of my work is championing self-care. Enabling people to strap the oxygen mask on themselves first, something that doesn’t come easily to those who are focussed on supporting others."

Danny Simmonds

Our Scope of Work

Our approach is to understand your business, the challenges and issues you are facing at an individual & organisation level through our digital platform Insights to understand your peoples perceived wellbeing.

Quite simply, if we know what the issues are, we are far better placed to implement interventions that address existing problems to prevent those problems manifesting.

We aim to uncover the factors that contribute to low engagement, presenteeism, absenteeism, and workplace stress. From there, our bespoke interventions will be targeted to address the underlying cause."


“One of the best development days I have been to! Danny offered a mixture of theory and interactive activities that kept us all engaged. We now have a wealth of resilience tools and a structure to manage pressure and deliver resilience sessions across our organisation in a more effective and responsive way. Thanks Danny.”

Head of Engagement, Well-being and Inclusion, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust




There is little doubt that employees who are engaged, valued, trusted, and healthy will perform more effectively, be highly motivated and less likely to leave. Danny Simmonds believes that wellbeing and performance are intrinsically linked. However, understanding wellbeing from a broader perspective is vitally important if we are to implement interventions that impact business performance. Danny works with Red Dot 365 to allow her to implement bespoke, evidence driven solutions, that can measure individual impact & organisation ROI.



Increasingly we are seeing that healthy, happy workplaces are productive workplaces. Our workshops, webinars and seminars are designed to be interactive, engaging, educational and informative.
Through our workshops, webinars and seminars, we aim to deliver sustainable behaviour change as well as impact engagement, performance, motivation and critically, health and wellbeing,
This is why all our sessions go beyond merely presenting information and focus on targeting content and delivery to the specific needs of each group and organisation we work with.



Workshop and Seminar Topics

Resilient Leader

Inspiring Resilient Leaders

Resilience is a core competence for leaders working in challenging environments. This programme equips leaders to help themselves and their teams recognise and mitigate stress, manage pressure effectively and build individual and team resilience.

Building Resilience

Building Your Resilience

Resilience is recognised as an essential skill in the workplace helping people thrive in challenging and demanding environments. This programme equips individuals to build their personal and professional resilience. Resilience is the ability to respond effectively to pressures, bounce back from setbacks and find the strength to overcome adversity. Resilient people have the determination, energy and drive to succeed.

Resilient Peak Performance

Resilient Thinking for Peak Performance

Resilience is recognised as an essential skill in the workplace, building positive cultures of engaged, high-performing people. This programme equips individuals and teams to build their psychological resilience during times of increased pressure, change and uncertainty. Resilient thinking empowers people to perform at their best in challenging and demanding environments.


The Secrets of Motivation & Engagement

Resilience is recognised as an essential skill in the workplace, building positive cultures of engaged, high-performing people. This engaging programme focuses on what drains and what boosts resilience and motivation. Powerful tools from neuroscience empower people to achieve optimal levels of productivity, teamwork and effectiveness during challenging times.


Thriving in Changing Times

To succeed in the face of today’s increasing pressures and challenges we need to increase our capacity to thrive and adapt. Resilience is the ability to respond effectively to pressures, bounce back from setbacks and find the strength to overcome adversity. The focus of this programme is to equip people with a broad range of practical resilience tools to manage change effectively.


Resilience Coaching

Are you experiencing any of the following: increasing pressures and demands, stress, anxiety, uncertainty, overwhelm, change or transition? Resilience coaching offers focused one to one support, to help you build resilience professionally and personally and increase your health and well-being.

If you would like Danny to work with your staff to improve their mental health & wellbeing, contact us below.

We have Client Solution Managers with experience in delivering mental health & wellbeing interventions in all sectors. If you cant find what you are looking for, get in touch for us to match you with the right expert.