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Individual Customers

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Linking individuals to what will make the biggest difference to people’s lives with a curated pathway to 1000’s of wellbeing solutions and services.

Once you have selected the types of wellbeing interventions you are interested, what would improve your wellbeing, you individual portal will share with you insightful information of various wellbeing products that you may be interested in.

Notifications on new products and offers. As well as GPS mapping to nearest solutions or alternatively a digital service that can be delivered remotely.

The portal will regularly touch base with you to find out your wellbeing with encouraging notifications to achieve your goals.

The platform will also ask you to rate any solutions you take part in to ensure we continue to improve service delivery.

From simply providing solutions to outsourcing your mental health & wellbeing Red Dot 365 offer Scalable, Tailored & Measurable Solutions.