Jon Bockelmann-Evans

Emotional Health, Wellbeing & High Performance Coach


Client Solution Manager

"Workaholism. Drinking. Compulsive shopping. Tech obsession. A colleague who suddenly turns into a control freak, or exhibits unusual aggression.

These are ‘staff problem areas’ every large organisation encounters. You may even be thinking of a specific person right now. Leaders, talent and other high-achievers inevitably come under pressure, not just at work but in all areas of life.

If left unaddressed, this stress compounds over time, leading to the kind of negative coping strategies. These not only disrupt the office environment, cause friction and a loss of productivity but can also have serious long term health impacts on the individual."

Jon Bockekmann-Evans

Our Scope of Work

Our approach is to understand your business, the challenges and issues you are facing at an individual & organisation level through our digital platform Insights to understand your peoples perceived wellbeing.

Quite simply, if we know what the issues are, we are far better placed to implement interventions that address existing problems to prevent those problems manifesting.

We aim to uncover the factors that contribute to low engagement, presenteeism, absenteeism, and workplace stress. From there, our bespoke interventions will be targeted to address the underlying cause."


"I'd strongly suggest you connect with Jon and deeply discuss your needs and desired outcomes - you won't be disappointed.”

Natalya Deliy

HR Country Lead, NIKE Russia




Workplace Wellbeing and Performance

1 to 1 High Performance Coaching within your organisations framework

Senior Management

Senior Management

  • Setting your winning strategy
  • Profiling your people
  • Recruiting / changing coachable individuals
  • Aligning values and behaviours
  • Identifying your leadership team
  • Agreeing communication and outcomes with the leadership team
  • Logistics and management of support functions
  • Macro and Micro planning
  • Goals, measurements and review
  • Weekly tactics
  • Daily planning and review
Middle Management

Middle Management

  • Self-awareness, baseline, vision and review
  • Selecting what pillars add value
  • Communication and outcomes with the team
  • Identifying the leadership
  • Macro and Micro Planning
  • Understanding the competition
  • Logistics and people support
  • Goals, measurements and review
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Team coaching sessions
  • Weekly tactics and review
  • Daily approach and review


  • Personal Development Plans (PDP’s)
  • Individual “work on’s” / goals
  • 1:1 Coaching and mentoring to optimise performance
  • Communication
  • Listening effectively
  • Effective questioning
  • Baseline of where we are now, and vision for the future
  • Check in and buy into individual and team goals
  • Pillars of support
  • Review


There is little doubt that employees who are engaged, valued, trusted, and healthy will perform more effectively, be highly motivated and less likely to leave. Jon believes that wellbeing and performance are intrinsically linked. However, understanding wellbeing from a broader perspective is vitally important if we are to implement interventions that impact business performance. Jon works with Red Dot 365 to allow him to implement bespoke, evidence driven solutions, that can measure individual impact & organisation ROI.



Increasingly we are seeing that healthy, happy workplaces are productive workplaces. Our workshops, webinars and seminars are designed to be interactive, engaging, educational and informative.
Through our workshops, webinars and seminars, we aim to deliver sustainable behaviour change as well as impact engagement, performance, motivation and critically, health and wellbeing,
This is why all our sessions go beyond merely presenting information and focus on targeting content and delivery to the specific needs of each group and organisation we work with.

"The training Jon provided was absolutely superb. Our team has been abuzz with positivity and I have received excellent feedback on course content and the professional way you delivered it.” Mark Palmer, Training Coordinator, CORTEVA Agriscience

Workshop and Seminar Topics

The Happiness Programme

The Happiness Programme: Staff

Lift your hard-working employees' spirits by bringing a little bit of joy, fun and laughter back into their lives - whilst also providing a few techniques and suggestions to make coping with the daily challenges of life that little bit easier.

Absentee - Presentee

Emotional Health Training: High Achievers

Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Staff Churn: All of these are big words we like to use in our reports. But it really boils down to this:

Leaders who are stressed, overwhelmed or unwell can’t perform at their best.

And that’s costing you money.

Emotional Health

Emotional Health Training: Schools & Collages

Everyone who works in education is an incredible asset to our society. Educators need simple, practical tools to manage their emotional health day in and day out. Tools that allow them to thrive, not just get through the day.

If you would like Jon to work with your staff to improve their mental health & wellbeing, contact us below.

We have Client Solution Managers with experience in delivering mental health & wellbeing interventions in all sectors. If you cant find what you are looking for, get in touch for us to match you with the right expert.