Mental Health and Wellbeing: Understand demand before you attempt to design or spend money commissioning interventions

It makes economic sense to protect and grow your most valuable assets. The people that make up your sales force, drive production, deliver your finances, are key to the success of your business.

We have known for a while that absenteeism, presenteeism (lower productivity caused by sickness whilst at work) and staff turnover are costing British industry a whopping estimated £35 billion per year.


Mental health survey data, RedDot365


Developing a Wellbeing Strategy

So how do you develop a great wellbeing strategy, one that not only covers the risks, but has an aspiration to make its organisation an attractive and great place to work?

Understanding the Demand

A comprehensive digital wellbeing survey delivered by an independent organisation will be key for you to gain and honest understanding of your people’s perception of their own wellbeing. For you to understand what would most improve their wellbeing, their aspirations and goals, levels of motivation to change, the right solutions that fits with their life and circumstances, the challenges and barriers that have stopped them addressing those challenges to date, where and when they want to engage and how they would like to engage.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

A wellbeing Dashboard reported at an aggregate level will allow you to understand the priorities of your people while protecting anonymity and confidentiality, building rapport, trust and confidence with your staff. It also allows them to have a voice.
Buy in and Commitment
Create a wellbeing group that is representative of the workforce or community. Use the data to allow you to design the right solutions and interventions.

Measure and Manage Progress

Regular wellbeing dashboards are key to the company’s success. It allows your people to understand what challenges you face as a company, what the priorities are, the proposed interventions and / or solutions. It also allows you to measure the impact progress that is being made.


survey data, RedDot365


Cost of poor wellbeing, Wellbeing survey, RedDot365


The diagram above shows a small section of the Mental and Personal Wellbeing Dashboard. The same digital survey and dashboard also focuses on Physical and Professional Wellbeing.

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