People Respond to Coaches and Leaders Who Care

Companies often say that training is an expense and it does not work. This can be true, if you don’t set the expectations and the intention from the get-go.

I recall working for an organisation that invested heavily in a Future Leadership Programme. The programme identified people who deemed to have the potential to become future leaders of the business. The cost to the business, and to the moral of other good people within the business was (the ones not selected or identified) was astronomical. The Future leadership Programme achieved the exact opposite to its purpose. There is only a fraction of those people left in the business. The people that were left, are not any further to becoming a leader than they were at the point of identification or selection. The people who have emerged as leaders are the ones that always had leadership qualities and were destined to become a leader irrespective of a training programme.

People get Promotion Based on Their Technical Skills (Good at Their Job) Not Their Ability to Lead and Motivate People

• The criteria for selection was not defined
• The personal qualities, values and leadership indicators were not identified
• People were selected based on their technical skills (their ability to do the job) not the ability to lead people.
• The selection was based on the ability to manage v the ability to lead
• There was no succession plan, no future planning and no identification of future roles or experiences (which could have meant secondment outside the company for a period)
• No leadership or talent management expertise

I know many organizations that start all kinds of initiatives without having a strategy in place. Excitement can fade fast. Have you ever heard about the “flavour of the month”? This is like playing darts with your less dominant hand, hoping that one of the darts will stick.

If I have conversations with prospects and I get the sense that they look for a quick fix, I have learned to walk away. Band aid solutions do not work on the production floor and they also don’t work in leadership and workforce development.

Do you want to make a training / coaching initiative a home run?

1. The leadership programme should be built around raising self-awareness.

This is true for participants and for the decision makers. You must be able to articulate your expectations. You will get what you expect.

It is you who decides how high you set the bar of expectation, some people will rise to the challenge and some will self-declare and dip out.

2. Does your Programme Develop People in the Skills of Coaching?

Coaching and leadership is supporting and guiding an individual, or organisation, to reach their optimal potential; allowing them to see beyond their perceptions and thrive towards personal, or organisational, targets.

3. The Purpose must be to Raise Self Awareness?

• Understanding People – Building Rapport
• Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness, Self-Reporting, Motivation, Social Skills and Empathy
• Giving Feedback – Strength Based Feedback – Creating Positive Environments
• Reflection – The power of self-reflection
• Performance States – Past, Present and Future
• Understanding Wellbeing – Stress, anxiety, mindfulness, etc.
• Effective Listening and Communication
• Values, Behaviours, Culture and Feedback

4. Do the leadership and coaching framework link to the companies’ objectives?

Accountability is key. Strive for higher order goals rather than short-term interests.

Leaders & followers & peer groups raise one another to higher levels of motivation, - they have a common purpose.

Power bases are linked to provide mutual support for this common purpose.

Driven by trust, concern & facilitation rather than control.

5. What do you remember about the best leader or coach, was it their technically ability, or how they made you feel?

People will learn at a different pace, and in vastly different ways. People will require support in variety of ways. 1:1 CPD programmes, to develop thinking and exposure to different methods and sectors.

A leader and a coach will be there to set up the process, help you, support you and provide a different perspective but ultimately it’s the people at every level of the organisation who have to work harder on themselves than the people around them.

In summary, good leadership and coaching is a must for any company, which would like to get or stay at the top of their game. It requires the right attitude, hard work and effort.

Why do we acknowledge this in the world of sport and not in business?

Choose a leader and coach and choose wisely. I just gave you an idea what to consider and what to look for.
Ask yourself one question - How do we help your people to outperform themselves?

Here is to you and your team’s potential!

John Williams CEO Red Dot 365

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