We offer 3 products as illustrated below. We initially offer a FREE consultation and then undertake our Evidence Baseline. This can be treated as a one-off piece of work or included in our monthly subscriptions.

Our 24/7 Cover and 24/7 Cover & Insights are monthly subscriptions and offer excellent value as they include the Evidence Baseline whilst also offering additional benefits, all for an affordable monthly fee which starts at £200pm.

Please take a look at our Products and FAQs below.

Evidence Baseline

One-off payment
  • Free Wellbeing Consultation
  • Staff Engagement
  • Discovery Survey
  • Check in with ‘Red Flags’ 24/7*
  • Discovery Dashboard
  • Employee's Personal Rating
  • Discovery Dialogue
  • Broker Guru's & Suppliers
  • Deliver Solutions
  • Programme Review and Follow on

24/7 Cover

Monthly Subscription MOST POPULAR
  • FREE Evidence Baseline
  • 24/7 365 access to Wellbeing Expert at their point of need
  • Quarterly Review & Analysis
  • Measure Impact & ROI
  • Dedicated Wellbeing Account Manager

24/7 Cover & Insights

Monthly Subscription
  • FREE Evidence Baseline
  • All the benefits of 24/7 Cover
  • Insights: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to predict trends
  • Unlimited access to Webinars on latest Mental Health & Wellbeing insights
  • Free access to Annual Conference delivered by Wellbeing Guru’s

* Wellbeing Expert at additional cost.

What our customers are saying...

Working with Red Dot 365 was a very positive experience for ELITE, as they worked discreetly with our staff, providing them with confidence to submit an honest opinion of their needs, whilst encouraging suggestions for implementation. This enabled a very informative report from Red Dot 365, with very practical recommendations, that not only highlighted variance of need, but also encouraged our staff to recognise solutions to develop mental wellbeing and health, to benefit their work life balance.”

Andrea Wayman

CEO, ELITE Supported Employment


Working with Red Dot 365 has given us a real insight into the staff wellbeing and mental health. From the results we have taken action as a team to put mental health and wellbeing into the DNA of Aspen Waite in Wales. Focusing on the results of the surveys and as a working group we have built into our ethos a number of activities and small changes which are making a significant impact. Personally I have been using John as my coach, the difference this has made to my outlook and performance is staggering and would recommend John and his team to any organisation large or small.

Darren Talbot

Chief Financial Officer, Aspen Waite in Wales


Great collaboration between Red Dot 365 and free, local provision or their many Wellbeing Gurus. I love what your offering is - because if you don't measure something how can you improve it? Too many companies go at health and well-being initiatives without checking their pulse first and don't have a coherent approach. Whereas, using something like your platform allows them to map out the journey and they are absolutely clear where they started from and what improvements have been made. Great ROI I say! Not to mention the many Guru's you have on your team. James Rind MSc MCSP is awesome at what he does!

Mandy Withers

Managing Director, Talk HR Solutions Ltd