Red Dot 365: Revolutionising the Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector

Creating a wellbeing culture

Machine learning & A.I.

1,000’s of wellbeing gurus

Wellbeing therapist 24/7, 365

Evidence driven interventions

Measure impact & ROI

Discovery dashboard on demand

Red Dot 365 are taking a revolutionary approach in driving Mental Health & Wellbeing from Operational functions to a key part of your organisations Strategy: With the aim to use data intelligently to engage with - and enable - organisations to create a culture where people have a voice, feel valued, supported and able to thrive both physically and mentally – becoming healthier and happier all-round.

1,000’s of Wellbeing Guru’s

As leading experts in the use of Big Data, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in Wellbeing, Red Dot 365 specialise in being the central point of intelligence for Mental Health and Wellbeing. With that in mind, Red Dot 365 do not expect to be an expert in all aspects of workplace wellbeing – and consequently call on the professional expertise of over 1,000 wellbeing gurus.

Our holistic, end to end service combines digital intelligence, understanding people’s needs to data driven interventions and solutions. This, along with our many high performing Wellbeing Gurus has proven to be a new concept in combining existing local and expert provision with measuring individual impact and organisation Return on Investment (ROI).

In addition, Red Dot 365 provide a “Red Dot” via their mobile applications that gives access to a Wellbeing Therapist 24/7, 365 days a year.

Figure 1: Measuring Individual impact and ROI following Wellbeing Expert intervention.

Figure 1: Measuring Individual impact and ROI following Wellbeing Expert intervention.

Setting Standards of Excellence

Prior to introducing any Wellbeing Guru as an intervention for your people and organisation, we help them achieve all of the standards of excellence outlined below.


  • Offer 
  • Service
  • Professionalism 


  • People
  • Character
  • Transparency 


  • Accreditation
  • Qualifications
  • Registration


  • Interview
  • Selection
  • Data Compliance

Data and Evidence, Engages People, Creates Dialogue, Focus and Action

The confidential Discovery Survey & Dashboard allows Red Dot 365, as an independent organisation, to broker solutions that are locally aligned with the organisation’s wellbeing vision and are specifically scoped to meet employee’s needs.

24 / 7, 365 Red Dot Emergancy Access to a Qualified Mental Health Therapist

Throughout each organisation’s wellbeing journey, Red Dot 365 takes care of all your organisations Mental Health & Wellbeing needs, 24/7, 365 days a year. Offering a service that immediately checks in with any employee who rates the mental health or personal wellbeing as ‘poor’. Guaranteeing that the therapist with be in contact within 48 hours. Confidentially discussing what intervention or Wellbeing Guru is best suited to the individual. With confidentiality and anonymity being paramount, a high-level report will be produced for the organisation outlining the issue and recommendations (GDPR Compliant).

Creating a Wellbeing Culture - Mental Health and Wellbeing Part of the DNA

“Working with Red Dot 365 has given us a real insight into the staff wellbeing and mental health. From the results we have acted as a team to put mental health and wellbeing into the DNA of Aspen Waite in Wales. Focusing on the results of the surveys and as a working group we have built into our ethos several activities and small changes which are making a significant impact. Personally, I have been using John as my coach, the difference this has made to my outlook and performance is staggering and would recommend John and his team to any organisation large or small.”
Darren Talbot: Chief Financial Officer, Aspen Waite in Wales

“Since Red dot 365 have been working with us, alot has changed for me personally as well as the culture and my working environment. Wellbeing now clearly sits as a priority with the Senior Management Team and they have made some significant changes to policy that has improved my wellbeing massively. One example is that I can now miss the traffic in the morning, get my gym session in before work, be more productive than I was before, and still get home in time to cook meals and spend time with my family” Employee X