Mental Health Courses, EAP’s, Wellbeing Weeks, yoga at lunch time... Are you just ticking a box?

There are some excellent mental health training courses & services that are designed and delivered professionally. They are usually an off the shelf course that raises people’s awareness of Mental Health. Some are great. It can work well to prompt conversations around mental health, have a certificate and post on your social media accounts. You can tick that box, so that you can say that you have invested in mental health. We are often told, ‘we have wellbeing covered’.

However, how do you know what mental health & wellbeing intervention really works for you staff? At the time they need it the most!

There has never been a more critical time to smartly manage the mental health & wellbeing of your staff... in the workplace, remotely or part of flexible working in this new world. So how do you navigate the complex world of wellbeing?

What would work in your environment, for your people?

What would make the greatest difference to your staff?

How do you measure the impact, track progress and ROI?

The 'Wellbeing Umbrella' is now so varied and broad that it is impossible to know what works, why, where to invest and to measure impact.


Wellbeing Umbrella


Creating a 'Wellbeing Culture' eats changes to strategy/policy for breakfast! Making people part of the solution, develops a sense of ownership and belonging, give people a voice.

Do you want to develop a Wellbeing culture? A culture that allows the business and people to Thrive and Grow?

Build a reputation as a great place to work?

Get your greatest ROI?

We believe that creating a wellbeing culture is about a journey. Red Dot 365 wants to work with you, wherever you are on your wellbeing journey.


Wellbeing Journey


Red Dot 365 provide intelligence to support employers and their employees after discovering their workplace wellbeing needs. We use empirical evidence and data that will create dialogue, conversation, focus and action. Build a reputation and be known as a great place to work and an outstanding employer.

Red Dot 365 uses data intelligently to engage with - & enable - organisations to create a culture where people have a voice, feel valued, supported & able to thrive both physically & mentally – becoming healthier & happier all-round. Click here to find out more about our Discovery Dashboard and Survey




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