Welfare to Work

Welfare to Work

The first principle is that a welfare state is not enough – we need a welfare system, involving many players – health professionals, employers large and small, a whole range of voluntary organisations.

The second is that for most people the purpose of the welfare system is to help them get into work, stay in work, and progress in work. We should offer work for those who can and help for those who could.

The third is that we should offer care for the minority who cannot work. Whether through sickness, disability or personal circumstances, there will always be some who simply need help to get through their daily lives.

Red Dot 365 provides you with a digital platform to allow every person to outline their goals, their aspirations, what they believe will work for them and their perceived barriers. We provide a scalable digital platform that can target the right solutions for a cohort, by demographic, geography and need. We ensure people are a part of the solution, treating them with respect and giving them a voice.




Sector Experience

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Free Sector Leading Business Customer Portal

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Free access to UKs Largest Mental Health & Wellbeing Marketplace

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Free Dashboardson demand that measure individual impact & organisation ROI.

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Tailored and Measured Mental Health & Wellbeing Solutions.

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24/7 access to Mental Health & Wellbeing therapists or experts

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A dedicated Client Solutions Manager

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Head of Charity & Enterprise for a Welfare to Work Charity

“Red Dot 365 provides the platform that allow us to assess every engagement. We can digitally capture the perceive mental health and wellbeing in four key areas: physical wellbeing, mental health, education, and employment. We are then able to support people, and cohorts with targeted solutions that support people in the right way, to enable them to return to the workplace as quickly as possible. The platform has also allowed us to track performance, impact, and ROI, by cohort, demographic, and geography.”

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