Mental Health & Wellbeing Solutions: Which ones work for your staff & give you ROI? How do you even know?!

1000’s Wellbeing Experts

Red Dot 365 have 1000’s of Wellbeing Experts with high performing Gurus that have worked in SMEs and charities through to global organisations such as Nike, Dow, Merck and EE, the England Rugby Union Football Team, BT Global Challenge Yacht Race, Unisys, Merryl Lynch, and Nokia, to NHS, DWP, and the Abu Dhabi Government.

Expert Solutions

Red Dot 365’s Wellbeing Gurus can provide expert wellbeing solutions in many interventions, not exclusive to:
- Executive coaching
- Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant and Coach
- Human Resource management and people development
- Thought leaders & inspirational speakers
- Wellbeing therapists 24/7, 365 days a year
- Public speakers & accredited authors
- Leadership & development programs
- Organisational culture and change
- Staff engagement
- Strengthening personal resilience programme & wellness coaching
- Emotional Freedom Technique & Trauma Sensitive Yoga
- Wellbeing Workshops – MHFA / Suicide First Aid Training etc
- Wellbeing Strategy Consulting
- Financial Wellbeing
- And much, much more….

Fantastic right… BUT WHERE DO YOU EVEN YOU START???!!!

Which wellbeing solution provides interventions bespoke to your staff’s needs?

They could be affected by stress, new ways of working, anxiety around change and returning to work, fear of redundancy, trauma, depression, anger, addictions, loneliness, grief and loss, mental health problems, post-natal depression and peri-natal mental health, sexual identity, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-esteem concerns, relationships, domestic violence concerns, and much, much more…

They could show indication, they may not… sometimes YOU JUST DON’T KNOW until it is at the point of crisis!

We believe data has a better idea!

Red Dot 365 use a unique digital platform to independently understand your staffs perceived wellbeing and inform you whilst maintaining your staff’s anonymity. Your Organisations can:
- Spend your money on wellbeing solutions that work for your staff.
- Measure individual impact.
- Measure organisation Return on Investment.

85% Engagement Rate

5/5 Solution Satisfaction

40% Increase Individual Wellbeing

45% Increase Organisation Wellbeing

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