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The Case for Investment in Mental Health & Wellbeing


  • 60% of UK employees have experienced a mental health issue due to work, or where work was a contributing factor.
  • £8 Billion absence costs. 15.8 million days were lost to sickness absence caused by Mental Health problems in the UK in 2016.
  • £21.2 Billion presenteeism costs to the UK economy each year. Employees who turn up to work that are unproductive is the second biggest financial impact upon businesses.
  • £8 Billion turnover of staff.


(Office of National Statistics & The Centre for Mental Health)

What We Do in Six Simple Steps

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Free Consultation

Let us demonstrate why we are different. We aim to understand your organisations vision, we will inform you of your staff’s perception, and work with you to bridge any gaps using evidence-based solutions, to create healthy wealthy environment.

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Staff Presentations

Independence, Trust & Confidentiality are key. Red Dot 365 engages with your people to build trust, guarantee confidentiality & drive a culture of honesty and transparency. It’s because of this that we have an 85% engagement rate.

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Digital Survey

Your people complete our comprehensive Digital Survey. It allows us to understand your people’s wellbeing in four areas:

Physical Wellbeing, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Personal Wellbeing and Professional Wellbeing

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Wellbeing Dashboard

Using data from the survey, we compile a Wellbeing Dashboard, reported at aggregate level to protect anonymity and confidentiality. It allows us to Prioritise ROI, Value for Money & Guaranteeing Anonymity.

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We then design Data Driven Solutions, based on your people’s perception of what will work for them. This reinforces that you hold your people at the core of your organisation, hear their concerns and care enough to help improve their wellbeing.

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Improve Culture: Measuring Your People's Wellbeing

Red Dot 365 can cater for your people’s wellbeing 24-7, 365 days a year. We offer an insight into your people's perceived wellbeing at any point in time, measuring ROI, report on intervention impact and use Artificial Intelligence to compare trend analysis over time.

Take a look at our online dashboard and survey

What Makes Us Different: We Believe Data Has A Better Idea.

We are not a wellbeing provider. You won’t be getting our subjective opinion, selling what we believe you or your people need to improve mental health & wellbeing. We simply allow you to make data driven decisions to ensure you get maximum return for your investment.

There are loads fantastic wellbeing providers that are experts in delivering many wellbeing solutions. We simply engage your people, use the evidence and data to commission, design or direct people to free solutions, design or commission the right solutions, confidentially and with complete anonymity, guaranteed.

Red Dot 365 Supporting Wellbeing in Four Vital Areas

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