We provide intelligence to support employers and their employees after discovering their workplace wellbeing needs.

Red Dot 365: Revolutionising the Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector

Creating a wellbeing culture

Machine learning & A.I.

1,000’s of wellbeing gurus

Wellbeing therapist 24/7, 365

Evidence driven interventions

Measure impact & ROI

Discovery dashboard on demand

The Case for investment in Mental Health & Wellbeing


  • We broker local, on-the-ground encouragement, education and mentoring support from our extensive network of over 1,000 accredited Wellbeing Gurus
  • Brokering confidential advice so that they adopt and sustain behaviours that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness and benefit the organisation’s bottom line.
  • Our solutions are locally aligned with the organisation’s wellbeing vision and are specifically scoped to meet employee’s needs.
  • We are collaborative by nature, analytical by background and performance.
  • Employees are encouraged to reflect on the questions we ask them in our Wellbeing Discovery Survey – this allows us to create an evidence baseline, and periodically check progress against

Our intervention can and does have a measurable impact on employees and an organisations overall finances

The list below demonstrates how our product and services can increase or decrease specific functions.

Immediate Benefits: Non Financial


Sickness & Absence

Employee Satisfaction

Staff Turnover

Accident & Injuries


Company Profile

Employee Health & Welfare

Resource Utilisation

Related Bottom Line Benefits: Financial


Overtime Payments

Temporary Staff

Recruitment Costs

Legal Costs & Claims

Insurance Premiums

Healthcare Costs

Permanent Staff Payroll

Revenues - Productivity

Management Time

Healthcare Costs


1: Staff Engagement

Independence, Trust & Confidentiality are key. We engage with your people to build trust, guarantee confidentiality & drive a culture of honesty and transparency. It is because of this that we have an 85% engagement rate.

2: Discovery Survey

People complete our comprehensive Digital Survey. It allows us to understand your people’s wellbeing in four pillars of wellbeing:

Physical Wellbeing - Mental Health & Wellbeing - Personal Wellbeing - Professional Wellbeing

3: Check In with ‘Red Flags’ 24/7

We check in with all staff that rate their mental health or personal wellbeing as poor at their point of need. Understands whether they are suicidal or simply experiencing low mood. Then offers a free, confidential Wellbeing Therapist within 48 hours.

4: Discovery Dashboard

Using data from the Discovery Survey, we compile a Discovery Dashboard, reported at aggregate level to protect anonymity and confidentiality. It allows us to Prioritise ROI, Value for Money & Guarantee Anonymity.

5: Employee Rating

Using the Discovery Survey data, measure each person on how staff rate their own wellbeing in the 4 pillars of wellbeing.

6: Discovery Dialogue

Using the Discovery Dashboard to open up Dialogue. We use data intelligently to engage with - and enable - organisations to create a culture where people have a voice, feel valued, supported and able to thrive both physically and mentally – becoming healthier and happier all-round.

7: Broker Guru’s & Suppliers

We do not expect to be an expert in all aspects of workplace wellbeing – and consequently call on the professional expertise of our experienced Wellbeing Gurus and local suppliers.

8: Deliver Solutions

We then design Data Driven Solutions, based the people’s perception of what will work for them. This reinforces that they hold people at the core of their organisation, hear their concerns and care enough to help improve their wellbeing.

Discovery Survey and Dashboard

Data and evidence to create a wellbeing culture 

We help employers discover staff health needs within their organisation: to set a baseline of employee health.

It involves conducting a discovery survey of staff, analysing the results, then helping the organisation plan a programme of health and wellbeing activities that staff will value and feel appropriate to their needs.

Our discovery survey measures the impact of health and wellbeing activities that are subsequently sourced and delivered.

Repeating the survey after a suitable period, such as every quarter, evidences the impact(s) made by the activities that have been implemented.

The questions gather information from employees which can also be compared with other data held in our database, so you know how your workplace compares.

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